White Collar Criminal Defense

Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey has successfully defended companies, executives and other professionals in all types of investigations, regulatory enforcement actions, and white collar criminal prosecutions. We have achieved victories and other positive results in these matters through pre-charge advocacy, in negotiation, and at trial. Here are some recent examples.

Criminal Charges Against Executives Dismissed

Two out of state chief executive officers of a national construction firm were charged criminally with building code violations by a state district attorney. Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey was brought in on the eve of trial to handle the defense. Prior to commencement of the trial, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey filed a carefully researched and crafted motion and convinced the court to dismiss the charges on legal grounds.

Professionals Acquitted at Trial

Some cases should be negotiated and others litigated, depending on the client's interests and objectives. In two recent separate cases, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey represented a health care practitioner and state court prosecutor, each charged with criminal offenses carrying prison exposure, loss of license and the end of their professional careers. In each instance, following a multi-day trial, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey's client was acquitted by a jury and completely exonerated. Both clients continue to practice their professions with distinction.

All Charges Dismissed Against Trucking Company Executive

Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey served as counsel in a recent high-profile case involving federal charges of embezzlement, mail fraud and ERISA (pension fund) fraud against certain union officials and trucking company executives. Before trial was to start, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey participated in extensive negotiations with the government, resulting in dismissal of all charges against its (trucking company officer) client.

Healthcare Professionals Cleared of Wrongdoing

In three recent matters, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey's clients were the targets of intensive health care fraud investigations. In one case, a prominent physician at a well-known Boston hospital was alleged to have engaged in Medicare billing fraud. In another, we convinced the Justice Department to decline prosecution of a primary care physician who had been suspected of serious Medicare billing irregularities.

In yet another such case, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey represented a supervisor-target of a Medicare fraud/federal grand jury investigating false claims for health care services. While the grand jury indicted one executive of the target company, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey negotiated a "no admission of wrongdoing" result for its client, leaving neither a penalty nor a permanent record.