Internal Investigations

Many of our clients are businesses and employers who face legal exposure as the result of the unlawful or questionable conduct of their employees or officers. We have also successfully represented clients victimized by the theft of trade secrets or proprietary data by a competitor. In either instance, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey is equipped to conduct prompt and extensive internal investigations, help secure the return of stolen business and intellectual property, and work with law enforcement agencies to protect the client's immediate and long-term interests. This may include the commencement of legal action and coordination of criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. Internal investigations can also result in substantial changes in a client's business practices that might deflect government investigations by assuring compliance with applicable regulatory schemes or assure prosecutors of the client's good faith.

A few examples of some our recent efforts in this area:


The Aftermath of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

One day after 9/11, one of the private security companies that screened passengers at Boston's Logan Airport called upon Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey to review its operations and the conduct of its employees. Employing a rapid response "team concept," Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey conducted a comprehensive internal investigation on behalf of our client over the weeks that followed. In connection with this review, Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey occasionally used its unmatched contacts within the government to access valuable, sensitive and timely information. Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey continues to represent our client in civil litigation in U.S. District Court in New York arising from the terrorist attacks.

Pension Fraud Probe for Investment Firm

Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey has represented an investment advisory ('40 Act) firm that had received a federal grand jury subpoena as part of an investigation of alleged pension plan fraud. Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey crafted a coordinated response, dealing with the SEC and the Justice Department on the one hand while conducting a thorough confidential investigation that confirmed wrongdoing by certain employees. Our report allowed senior management to take appropriate disciplinary action, adopt remedial measures, and self-report to the SEC. This strategy enabled the client to avoid any prosecution, civil penalties, loss of license, or interruption in its business.

Wrongdoing within School Department Confirmed

Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey was engaged to conduct an internal investigation on behalf of a major municipal school department involving wrongdoing by senior executives. Our attorneys thoroughly reviewed and brought the matter to a successful close, while advising and guiding municipal leaders as to the appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken due to the facts uncovered.

These are but a few examples of our work in the area of internal investigations. Libby Hoopes Brooks & Mulvey has also performed various other investigations in the financial services, legal, construction, manufacturing, environmental and health care industries.